Our fantastic crops

Form 6 started off their week with a brilliant assembly all about their trip to Norfolk Lakes.

Everyone talked about what they enjoyed the most, their most memorable moments and various funny stories. Interestingly, there was so much talk about full English breakfasts and the amazing food that we were all feeling rather hungry afterwards!
As part of Environmental Awareness Week, Form 6 went down to The Farm during their PSHE lesson. They planted some carrot seeds and looked at the potatoes, beans, strawberries and carrots that were already growing. They also picked the radishes that Form 3 planted, which have now been given to Bonnie in the kitchen. They had time to explore the plants and insects living in or around the pond and they were able to correctly identify the water boatmen, who were all happily paddling across the pond. Mrs Carn also spotted a beautiful damsel fly.
During Form Time on Friday, we had our first discussion about School Council elections and the children have now been asked to think about whether they would like to put themselves forward for next year's School Council. We will be looking for the 2024-2025 Head Boy and Girl, Deputy Head Boy & Girl and House Captains. The Hustings will take place on Monday 10th June and the new School Council will be announced during Prize Giving on Thursday 4th July. It's all very exciting!
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