Ramps and records

This week the children wrote facts about Australian animals. They worked together in groups to brainstorm their ideas and then they shared them with the class. It was very interesting to hear all their facts. 


This week in mathematics, the children have been constructing bar charts and Venn diagrams. Form 2 decided that they wanted to construct a human bar chart showing favourite Australian animals. The children enjoyed collecting the data to draw their own graph. They have also been consolidating their five times tables and trying to beat their top score on Hit the button.

In humanities, the class finished their Christian Creation wheel and they enjoyed writing about the story with pictures to illustrate their work.

During science, Form 2 had to learn how to record the length that the cars had travelled down the different ramps. They worked in a group and they measured using rulers and meter sticks. As a class, we discussed fair testing and accurate measuring. I was very pleased that they were able to record their results into the table. The children are becoming confident when using various science equipment items.

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