Relax with a good book

Happy Book Week! Transition started school on Monday with a big surprise in the classroom...

There was a lovely cosy reading den with books, blankets, cushions and fairy lights set up on the carpet area. We made the most of the reading den and kicked Book Week off with around half an hour cosying up and reading books together. Reading for pleasure and understanding how relaxing enjoying a book can be, has been a very important part of our book week in Transition.

The children were then treated to a very energetic and engaging assembly with our visiting author, Laura Mucha. The hall was filled with laughter and excitement as we listened and joined in with some of Laura’s poetry. It was very inspiring to see that writing stories and poems can be so much fun and really can be whatever you want it to be!

On Tuesday, we took part in a book scavenger hunt where we looked for certain things on our checklist in lots of different books. The children enjoyed being detectives and ticking things off on their clipboards. I was so impressed to see how well they worked together with their partners.

Of course, Thursday was the big event with our World Book Day Dress Up day! It was so exciting seeing so many different costume ideas and talking about which characters everyone was. We had lots of photos taken, drew pictures of our costumes and shared lots of great books together! We have also been busy doing lots of book-themed activities including making Gruffalo crumble, Supertato masks and making bookmarks with the letter stickers.

We had so much fun at our drama workshop, going on an adventure to the Wild West! We came across a horse with a golden mane, learnt how to salute when we saw the sheriff and did some fantastic listening to become different animals we saw along the way. There was lots of excitement and laughter throughout!

We have also been thinking about Mother's Day in school this week. It was so lovely to hear about why each child loves their mummy and about all the things that we are grateful for that our mums do for us. The children enjoyed making cards and gifts and were especially excited to get to visit the RHPA Mother’s Day stall and spend their Russell House Bucks. Mrs Nelson and I wish you all a Happy Mother's Day this Sunday and hope you get time to relax and be pampered.



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