Rock pools and seasides

It was lovely to welcome the children back from their half-term break and they were all excited to get back into the swing of things and start the second half of the summer term.

We all shared our news from the holidays on Monday and the children listened carefully to the things they had all been doing. This included birthday parties, trips to the beach, family adventures and time spent seeing friends. The children then wrote about their news in their literacy books and they all worked as independently as possible to write down their ideas.

The children were excited to start our new topic, Rock Pools and Seasides. They had lots of personal experiences of visiting the seaside so they were all able to share something they knew or had seen at the beach. We watched an interesting video that showed the children 25 different creatures that can be found in rock pools and then looked through a powerpoint to find out more interesting facts about the animals.

Form 1 have also been reading the story, Sharing a Shell, to link with our seaside theme. The story is about three creatures that all call one shell home. A hermit crab, a bristle worm and an anemone. After reading the story the children were able to write speech bubbles for a character of their choice and were about to think of lots of different things that the characters might say.


In maths, we have been learning about how to tell the time, and this week the children have now learnt how to tell the time to half past. They have also found out about minutes and hours and how these are different from each other. To support the children's understanding of how long a minute is we played some fun games on the front court. The children worked at three different stations which consisted of throwing and catching a ball, running between two cones and jumping between two hoops. We timed the children for exactly one minute and they then recorded how many jumps, catches and runs they had done on their own record sheet. We had lots of fun and the children loved recording their results and comparing them with their friends.

The children visited Form 2 this week for a story with myself and Mrs Goodwin. They enjoyed looking around their new classroom and finding out about what life will be like in September. Mrs Varley was on hand to answer any questions the children had and everyone left feeling more confident about the changes ahead. This is only one of many little trips the children will take to Form 2 to ensure they are all looking forward to joining Main School. The children will also spend one full morning with Mrs Varley towards the end of the term.

The children have also had lots of fun in our ice cream van role-play area where they have been using their imaginations and mixing different flavours of ice creams, serving drinks and paying for their yummy treat. The favourite flavour seems to be bubblegum! There has been lots of good turn taking and sharing from everyone. 


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