Royal and regal

It’s been a regal week in Transition with our theme being castles, knights, kings and queens!

On Monday we learned lots of new words about castles including moat, portcullis, drawbridge and battlements. As we learned about all the different parts of a castle, we looked for the features on our toy castle in school. There were lots of brilliant ideas about the ways in which a castle is built to protect the king and queen from baddies who might want to attack the castle. I was very impressed by the children’s interest in castles and how many questions and interesting thoughts they had during our carpet time discussions.












On Tuesday, the children loved learning about a knight’s armour. Using our dressing-up knight’s costume, we looked for the different features that protect a knight, whilst one of our very own sirs wore the costume. All the children made a shield and explored how they could attach a handle to the back. This was lots of fun and sparked lots of knights role play during the rest of the week!

We also learned about who the current King of England is and watched some snippets from the King’s coronation. We had a very interesting discussion on Friday about if we were king or a queen for the day, what rule we would invent. There were some brilliant ideas including unlimited supply of chocolate, kindness to everyone and looking after nature. I definitely think the world would be a brilliant place with Transition as kings and queens!

Our letter sound for this week was v. It was very tricky to think of words starting with a v sound. With lots of hard thinking (from Miss Keeling and Mrs Nelson also), we thought of visitor, volume, van, vase, volcano and vest! Our oldest children in Transition have now completed all of their letter sounds and so were excited to move onto letter formation practice in preparation for Form 1!

We have been making the most of the warmer and sunnier weather this week and have been out and about exploring the school grounds. It felt very spring-like watching the lambs in the field next to the paddock in the sunshine. We have enjoyed lots of running around games outside and some climbs on the paddock equipment.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed playing with the knights and dragons in the castle and we had lots of brilliant constructions this week, finding unique ways to create a drawbridge and the battlements to create a real castle. Lots of art activities have taken place including painting union jacks, designing a shield and making crowns!


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