Wellbeing and helpfulness

Our topics in Robins this week were People Who Help Us and Wellbeing Week.

We started the week with a visit to our Sainsbury’s pop-up shop in the Old Hall to collect our groceries. The children loved packing the bags and it is always a great way to promote communication and language. At this age, children’s brains are like sponges and they soak up all the language we model during the session, which is fabulous for their development.

There was a special treat this week for snack… juicy watermelon. This fruit is a great way to keep the children hydrated as it is made up of 90% water. Our fruit platter certainly looked very healthy and very appealing with the variety of fruit and vegetables on offer.

The children were able to identify a variety of professions during our Talk for Learning. They sat nicely on the carpet whilst we discussed the pictures and how each person helps us. Some of the children love trains, so they enjoyed wearing some special railway jackets which were provided by Mr Warner.

Continuing with our topic, we visited the car park to watch the rubbish truck empty the bins. I must say, I think this was the highlight of their week.

On Tuesday, we made cheesy rolls and we added rosemary from our herb garden. The Robins kneaded their dough and then afterwards, we popped their rolls onto the baking tray to bake in the oven.

The Robins enjoyed our new PE sensory session in the Russell Hall. As you know, on Fridays the children explore the large apparatus. However, on Tuesday they had the opportunity to explore the equipment independently. There were lots of exciting resources, such as the bobble snake, trampoline, stepping stones and blue padded mats.

We visited the Outdoor Classroom on Thursday for a yummy hot chocolate and biscuit treat. Afterwards, we popped to The Farm and found some pond skaters in the pond and there were lots of vegetables growing in the planters. We identified potatoes, carrots, radishes, broccoli and strawberries.  

The lambs are growing very quickly and the Robins thought they were a little funny, especially as one little lamb decided to itch its bottom on the fence!

Our other cooking activities consisted of orange drizzle cakes and cat-shaped biscuits. The Robins did a great job of squeezing and twisting the oranges… they were expert juicers. They then added all the ingredients and thoroughly mixed them together. The orange glaze was the last process, along with a sprinkle of sugar. As part of our topic, we made custard cat-shaped biscuits as the children enjoyed playing the role of a veterinarian. They decorated the biscuits with icing and edible eyes.

The children thoroughly embraced this week’s topics and it was great to watch them play together during their imaginative play. There was a fire in the home corner but it was okay as one of our Robins managed to find the hose and they were able to quickly distinguish the fire… phew!

I introduced a new activity this week as part of our wellbeing theme. We enjoyed tummy time and the children enjoyed making marks on the paper using a variety of crayons. It was lovely to be surrounded by nature, listening to the birds singing and the lambs bleating. 


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