Scarves and the Samba

On Monday, the class were treated to a magnificent Samba Workshop. The children were split into groups and they had the opportunity to play a variety of instruments, including: Ganza, Repinique, Caixa, Agogo, Tamborim and Surdo (a large drum).

Ollie helped the children to learn various rhythms, as well as some Brazilian 'grooves' and they practised in their groups to join it all together. It was a thoroughly enjoyable workshop, which the children absolutely loved!
In maths this week, Form 6 has been investigating scarves as part of our fraction work. They began by estimating what fractions of each real scarf was made up of each different colour. They then had to use what they had found out to plan and design their own scarf, which needed to use exact fractions of the whole amount for each colour. 
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