Sharing experiences

Form 6 returned from their trip to Norfolk Lakes with so many stories to tell.

They had the most amazing time and it has been such a delight hearing everything they got up to, what they most enjoyed and how so many of them overcame their fears. The class is now preparing for their assembly next Tuesday, when they will share their experiences, plus many photos and videos, with the Main School.
Here are just some of the amazing experiences the children had:
  • Norfolk Lakes was a lovely experience. I enjoyed everything. The hardest thing for me was keeping all my clothes dry. The thing I was most proud of doing was stand-up paddle boarding because I had never done it.

  • Norfolk Lakes was very fun. I am scared of heights, but I did high ropes and I loved it. High ropes is an obstacle course in the air and you were hooked on to a rope. The water was very cold. The breakfast was very nice, including; bacon, hash browns, sausages and toast.

  • Norfolk Lakes is brilliant. It was so fun. The food is amazing and the activities are great. My favourite activity was giant stand-up paddle boarding. At the end of the trip, we had a vote to see who jumped in and at the end there were four of us!

  • My favourite bit about Norfolk Lakes was that I didn't want to go, but when I got there I had a delicious lunch and I was set for the day. I loved who I shared my room with and at the end of the day I got into bed and slept like a log.

  • My favourite activity was raft building because we trusted our building work and our knots so we didn't fall in. My favourite activity was Giant Stand Up Paddleboarding.

  • I got very wet by jumping in a lot!!! The water was really quite cold but I didn't care. My favourite activity was sailing and my least favourite was the Giant Stand Up Paddleboarding. l was scared of doing the high ropes but l still did it. The breakfast was really nice.

  • The activity I liked the most was sailing. The people on my boat were Freddy and Arty. I was in a room which had a clean bathroom instead of only 1 per building. For breakfast you can have a full English breakfast and cereal.

  • My favourite activity was sailing and their brilliant food. I also loved the high ropes plus the water was VERY cold. I also shared a room with Edward and Hugo. I liked the Giant Stand Up Paddleboarding. But overall it was a very fun and cool experience.

  • My favourite activity was Kayaking. I also liked the obstacle course. The breakfast was very good and the hardest thing for me was the high ropes because it was very high.

  • My favourite activity was Kayaking because we did lots of games such as a simpsons game and ‘stuck in the mud’. The highlight of my activity was jumping off of high ropes. At first I did not want to jump because it looked really high but then I finally did it and it was REALLY fun! You dropped a little bit and then you got lowered down slowly!

For more photos, see our Facebook album.

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