Sport reports: Rugby, Netball & Gymnastics

Reports of recent matches and tournaments, as written by Russell House players.


Congratulations to our U11 Boys Team for placing first and to our U11 Mixed Team for placing third in the Regional Floor & Vault Championships on Sunday, 28th January. Another team qualification for National Finals, taking place in April 2024! Read more about our recent gymnastics achievements.


U10/11A v Caterham: It was a very close game against Caterham. Georgie scored brilliant goals and Annabella scored the last three goals, but unfortunately, it wasn't quite enough to win the game. The game was so tight; they scored a goal, then we did, and so on, but we lost our momentum in the third quarter and they went ahead by two goals. We played very well in the last quarter, but we just ran out of time. It was an exciting first match of the season for us. The score was 8-6 to Caterham Prep and the player of the match was Georgie. Annabella
U10/11B v Caterham: We played very well, but we lost, with the score being 13-1. We improved greatly from the first half in marking and looking at all of our options before passing. Player of the match was awarded to Aimee, but Issy played very well, scoring our goal! Aimee
U10/11C v Caterham: We played a good game, but unfortunately we lost. We all tried very hard, especially Isla M. She put in a lot of hard work and almost scored what would have been an amazing goal. The player of the match was Isobel, but it could have been so many players as we fought hard throughout the match. Next match, we will look to score more goals. Isobel


U10/11 A v Spring Grove: Today's match was a close game, with us winning 9-8 against Spring Grove. Although we were probably the better team, it was really hard to get them to make mistakes and win the ball back. In the end, it was a close and really good game. Oliver L
U10/11 B v Spring Grove: Russell House started well and was very good in the defending part. We kept in a line, we stayed in our position and we pushed up as a team. When we had the ball, we passed very well and ran in support. At half time, it was 4-2 to us. In the second half, the other team played much better than in the first and we had to defend even more than we did before. In the end, James scored a try, Freddy scored 3 and Sammy scored 2. We won 6-4 and overall, I think Austin was the player of the match. Sammy
U9 v Spring Grove: We played our first touch rugby match of the term against Spring Grove School. It was a very close match and both teams played really well. Zach, Kit and Noah scored the tries for Russell House, but unfortunately Spring Grove scored two more than us. Despite not winning our first match, we are looking forward to our next one. Noah
U8 v Spring Grove: We won 5-2. It was a good match with Harry and William scoring two tries and Euan scoring one try. Overall, the team passed the ball well and supported the person with the ball. When defending, we bunched up a little too much and that is when the opposition scored by running around us.  Anthony was deservedly the player of the match. William
U8/9 v Spring Grove: We played our first rugby match of the season against Spring Grove today. It was very cold, but we played well and managed to score four tries. Unfortunately, Spring Grove just beat us with five tries. But we did well as a team. Player of the match was Finlay, who made good attempts and ran quickly. We need to improve by knowing our positions and passing to each other as a team. Ben 
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