Super Transition to the rescue!

It has been a super week in Transition learning all about superheroes! After enjoying our long weekend on Monday, we started off the week hearing all about the exciting things all the children in Transition had been up to.












We then shared the story Supertato and had a go at transforming potatoes into our very own supertatos! Using fabric, pins, googly eyes, ribbons and wool, the children were very pleased with their super potatoes. Some were even evil peas disguised as Supertato, so we better watch out in Transition!

On Wednesday, we discussed different superpowers. Many of the children had not heard of shape-shifting before, but we started to wonder if there were any shape-shifters around Russell House. We set off around the school in search of circles, triangles, squares and rectangles disguised as other things around the school! The children loved this activity and spotted lots of hidden shapes!











Having thought about lots of superpowers, the children drew pictures of themselves as a superhero and decided which superpower they would have. We realised that some of us really do have superpowers already, like super kindness, super helpfulness and super energy! I have been so impressed with how carefully the children are able to follow the shapes of the letters to write their own words.

On Thursday, we set out on superhero training; completing obstacle courses and beginning to practise staying in the lines of the tracks in preparation for sports day! Children showed super listening, super speed and super teamwork during their training outside. We also went on to think about what superheroes would need to eat! Working as a class, we sorted some foods into healthy or unhealthy groups.

Finally, on Friday, we thought about real life superheroes who help us all the time such, as the police, firefighters, ambulance drivers and doctors. We learnt about what to do in an emergency if we really need a hero to help us. I was impressed to know that some children already knew about dialling 999! We discussed how this was only for very, very important emergencies and we could not call this number at any other time. On our pretend phone, the children found the number 9 and practised pressing it three times.

We look forward to another week of sunshine and fun next week!


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