The great stick hunt

It has been a fantastick week in Nursery, with us reading all about Stanley's Stick and all the adventures he had with his stick.

We started the week with a stick hunt on the paddock to find interesting sticks just like Stanley. The children looked really hard to find straight sticks which they could use for lots of different things and we had a good stomp back to Nursery using some of the bigger sticks! And, of course, our train enthusiasts were very excited to see the trains go past and tried to guess where they were going. We had several ideas that some of our mummies and daddies were going to work in London or going to the seaside just like Stanley!
We have all had such fun decorating the sticks with pipe cleaners, ribbons, wool and feathers to create magic stick wands. The children have lots of grand ideas of what they can turn their families into so watch out this weekend for any magic tricks! We also had a fishing rod made, just like Stanley and his friend Bertie in our story.
The children were amazing at copying patterns using lolly sticks to create different patterns for our display by carefully placing the sticks in the correct patterns. The children also used flat 2D shapes and small bricks and blocks to create models, looking at appropriate shapes to use for their creations. Some of the children used 2D shapes to create faces of their families by carefully choosing shapes for the features of their faces, including semi-circle ears and triangle chins! 
We had great fun making squares and triangles with the poles from our construction areas and the children used fantastic thinking skills of where to place the sticks and they were also fabulous at teamwork.
For the special books this week, the children chose a number from the basket and carefully counted out the number of dots to represent the number. 
We were treated on Wednesday when we watched some of the children from Main School perform their gymnastics display. We were all very impressed with the amazing performance and we now have several budding gymnasts in Nursery, wanting to perform just like them!
The children have been learning about looking after their teeth, so there was lots of brushing the teeth with brushes and lots and lots of toothpaste. Our resident teeth have never looked so shiny!
We have been dodging all the showers this week, but it does not stop us from enjoying being outside and playing and learning together. As you can see, the children are always very busy in the garden and we are excited for the sunny days to come soon.
We are looking forward to our story next week, when we read the story of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, and have some exciting activities lined up for the children to explore. 
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