The tiny seed

Our topic this week in Robins was growing/ sowing. We started the week with a discussion about all the things seeds and plants need to grow. The children were able to identify the pictures on the diagram and learnt new words, such as oxygen and sunlight. 

The Robins helped to add a variety of materials to 4 bags to see if the beans would grow using cotton pads, paper towels, shredded paper and soil. We are looking forward to observing the changes so we will keep you posted on our bean experiment.

As you know, there is a special day approaching so the children have been very busy planting spiderettes. We just need some much needed sunshine to help them on their way!

The children enjoyed our weekly topic, but we slightly moved onto superheroes which followed the children’s interests. They were overjoyed to discover Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-man and Panther. Lots of fun was had with red magic sand and wooden blocks, especially as the superheroes had to use their powers.

Our Talk for Learning consisted of a growing theme identification sheet. The Robins were able to point and identify what was needed to help things grow. As you know, growing also relates to many things. The children were super excited when I told them about the four frogs in my nature pond. They enjoyed looking at the frogspawn photo and we later watched a video on the CTOUCH to learn about the lifecycle of a frog. It was very interesting to watch the transformation of jelly-like eggs (frogspawn) to wriggly tadpoles, froglets and, finally, frogs.

Our cooking activities consisted of bread rolls and decorated biscuits. The Robins enjoyed kneading the dough and worked their muscles super hard. They patted, poked and squeezed the dough.

On Wednesday, some of the children went to ballet and this week’s theme was space. As you can see, (by the photo below) it was super dark but lovely and colourful. The children had lots of fun chasing after the flashing balls.







Mr McCarthy visited us and read The Tiny Seed story. We thoroughly enjoyed it and even more so, because we found a tiny seed growing in our sandpit. The Robins have decided to look after our special seed and therefore, are not allowed to dig around it! We spoke about different types of flowers and colours. Afterwards, we decorated biscuits using some of the colours we identified from the story.

I am super proud of our Robins as they are doing really well with remembering our Days of the Week song and one of our Robins was able to identify the correct day.

The week ended with an energetic PE session in the Russell Hall. Next week’s topic is Fairy Tales / Once Upon a Time, so we have lots of magical activities planned. Perhaps your child would like to bring something in to share with their friends during Show and Tell.

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