Timing our tasks

This week, Form 2 have been writing the Creation story.

They discussed the sequencing and the importance of getting the order written correctly. Form 2 had a great debate, as some children believe in the Creation story while others do not and some children are not sure if they believe in the story.

In maths, the children have been consolidating time. They were working at o'clock, half past and quarter past. The children have also been adding multiples of 10 using the 100 square. They also enjoyed making a human bar chart to represent Favourite Australian Animals. Well done!







In science, they were learning how to use stopwatches. They had many different activities to complete and they had to remember to record their results accurately.

During ICT, the children used a painting programme to design their own pictures. They learnt how to change the colour and use different pencil/pen skills.

The children had an opportunity to try haggis at lunchtime for the Burns Night celebration. This is one of Mr  McCarthy’s favourite lunches!

Thank you, Form 2, for putting 100% into school learning this week. Have a restful weekend.


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