We have questions

The children have written to George the giant, asking him many questions.

They used all the question starters and they remembered to use question marks. Some of the children pretended to be George the giant and the class asked them many questions. Later in the week, they decided to write to Jack to ask him to return the gold coins. Oh, my goodness me…. It is just so exciting in Form 2!













In maths this week, the children have been working on measuring using non-standard measurement and rulers. The children were estimating the lengths of many objects around the room and then they measured them using cubes. They then went on to use rulers measuring items using cm and mm. They finished the week by consolidating time.



















In humanities, Form 2 have been looking at religious books. They listened to the story about Noah’s Ark and they drew a storyboard to illustrate the story.

Form 2 enjoyed finding out how the shapes of solid objects from materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. They investigated with many materials to see if the shape could be changed and they recorded their results in a chart.

Another busy, fun week!

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