What we wish for

Welcome back! We have had a fantastic week in Transition settling the new children who have joined us from the Nursery. I have been incredibly impressed with all of the children’s positive attitudes towards school and how grown up and responsible they have been coming back into school. It is such a pleasure to be the Transition class teacher!

Our main focus this week has been on ensuring that all children are happy and settled in Transition and feel comfortable with the routines of the school day. The children have coped very well with their responsibilities in Transition, getting used to putting all of their belongings away independently when they first come into school. A big thank you to the children who were in Transition last term and have been helpfully showing the new children what to do!

It has been lovely to wish everybody a Happy New Year in school and hear how the children celebrated over the holidays. We had a lovely time using our session in the Hub to think about things that we are grateful for as we begin 2024, as well as things that make us happy. We had so many lovely suggestions, including Daddy’s laugh, when my Mummy tickles my toes and when I go on holiday. We are excited to share our ideas with the rest of Pre-Prep in our class assembly next week.

We have also been considering what new year's resolutions are and what ours could be. We decided that resolutions were a little bit like a wish. The children thought of some brilliant wishes that we hope will come true in 2024 such as wishing to spend more time with Grandma and Grandpa, to meet a real life princess and to be 20! Mrs Nelson decided the last one was also her New Year's Resolution! The children enjoyed creating wishing jars to put their wishes inside. We think that the sparkle and decoration is definitely going to make them more likely to come true!