Music is integral and key to life at Russell House. We provide a high-quality musical education to engage and inspire pupils throughout their time with us, whilst also instilling a love and appreciation for the subject in the next stages of their journeys. We believe that every child is a musician and strive to encourage each child wherever their interests lie.

Music is highly valued and respected at Russell House. Whether children just enjoy the subject through their weekly classes and daily Choristers rehearsals, or if they chose to take up additional specialist instrumental and vocal tuition through our highly talented peripatetic team, the school believes that each child is a musician and everyone is encouraged to participate. Music enables pupils to explore their creativity, increase their self-confidence and foster a sense of achievement and belonging. Performance opportunities at Russell House are both abundant and varied; from productions to formal and informal concerts, assemblies, competitions, solos, open mornings and other in-school events to ensemble playing.

Children in Form 2 to 7 have an hour of classroom music each week where pupils perform, compose, listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions. Pre-prep children also have regular weekly music lessons where different elements of music are explored through the use of the Kodaly method and lots of games.

What's on offer


All children in Forms 4, 5, 6 and 7 take part in Choristers each morning. Singing is a fantastic way to start the day and to begin to experience part singing. The Choristers perform at festivals and concerts - formal and informal - throughout the school year.

Chamber Choir

The Chamber Choir is our selective choir and comprises the most talented singers from Forms 5, 6 and 7. Chamber Choir enables the more able musicians to sing more challenging repertoire and to learn to read choral music fluently. They sing in the same events as the Choristers, as well as in some joint concerts with other schools. We have enjoyed success in the Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival Choirs Competition and Tunbridge Wells Arts Festivals.

Russell House Orchestra

Instrumentalists in Forms 4 to 7 are encouraged to join our orchestra which rehearses during lunchtime. Orchestra provides an additional opportunity to play within an ensemble setting and caters for musicians of all abilities as they move through the school.

Instrumental lessons

These are offered in a wide range of instruments from Form 2 and we can seek tutors for any instrument that interests pupils. Currently 80% of the Main School pupils take advantage of these opportunities. Instrumental lessons operate on a rotational timetable so children do not miss the same lesson each week. Lessons are also arranged around core subjects for older pupils.