Reflecting on online learning

Form 7 have described the highs and lows of lockdown learning.

Happy Book Week! Form 7 have loved using an online tool to create books for younger children this week, allowing them to virtually interact with Forms 1 and 2. Thursday's costume day was a great success and the children enjoyed a quirky fashion show, as well as sharing their book recommendations with the class.

Also this week, the children completed a quiz reflecting on their online learning experiences. There were some interesting outcomes. Among their favourite things about learning from home were:

  • 'The funniest memory is the profile picture competition';
  • 'Doing drawings in Form Time was really interesting since it was an online art lesson which is quite hard to do';
  • 'Finding all the different keyboard shortcuts to write maths and science symbols';
  • 'Every morning we would do something funny to let Mrs Reay know we were there';
  • 'Just laughing with my friends, at things such as funny facts and videos shared in Form Time!';
  • 'I really like when we did the profile picture competition'; 
  • 'My favourite memory is in Maths when we do the extension task and they always make us laugh and we are allowed to present whenever we find something';
  • 'When in an English lesson, Ava said you can technically have a jam and marmalade sandwich and she said she was going to try one'. 

So what did they find most difficult?

  • 'I found it difficult not seeing my friends in person because there is usually always someone to talk to';
  • 'I found having longer lessons quite difficult';
  • 'In Science, we haven't been able to do experiments and practical stuff';
  • 'I have not enjoyed having to type all the time as it can make your fingers sore after a while'.   

And finally, the things they are most proud of:

  • 'I am most proud of how my Amazon project turned out'; 
  • 'I am most proud of when in games lessons we used all the energy to run 5 marathons or swim the English Channel';
  • 'I am most proud of how I have improved and dealt with it!'

We are too, Form 7! It will be incredible to have you all back next week. 

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