English goes with a BANG!

Guess what Form 2 have been describing in English!

The children brainstormed adjectives to describe fireworks and then wrote a sensory poem using the word banks they had made. The poems were excellent, and the children read them to the class. It's true to say the lesson went off with a BANG!

In Maths, the children continued their topic of measurement. They used rulers to measure all sorts of items around the classroom and also decided to measure lengths using multilink. Then it was time for the Form 2 shop to open, and the children enjoyed buying items using real money. 

In Science, the class headed around the school looking at various materials. They enjoyed discussing what they had found and where the materials had originally come from.

In Humanities, our topic is our local community. The class looked at Google Maps to find Otford, Russell House and the duck pond. It was so exciting! 

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