Bridge engineering

Form 2 combined a lot of clever calculations and creativity this week.

The children have worked extremely hard on their division facts and they played a game with a partner using their 2, 5 and 10 division knowledge. They also enjoyed using real money for the Form 2 shop. Many children were buying multiple items by using their times tables. Well done, Form 2.

During English, they wrote letters to Mrs Flower to tell her all about themselves. I think Mrs Flower will love reading them! They also wrote some excellent reptile facts and enjoyed reading them to the class.

During humanities, the children constructed their bridges that they had designed last week out of newspaper during the Isambard Kingdom Brunel lesson. They worked collaboratively and they successfully completed a bridge that held a toy car. Great engineering work Form 2!

The children had a great science lesson, looking at different animal habitats. They were given different settings and they had to decide which animals would live there.

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