The big melt

Form 7 enjoyed designing and developing insulating containers for the class ice cube melting competition.

Congratulations to the winner, whose container was not only double-insulated, but also small, which meant there was less air inside it in the first place.

Project work has begun in English and Humanities lessons on the Amazon rainforest. The project is designed to develop research and presentation and also time-management skills.

The pupils discussed the types of information they would like to find out about. These included the size and population of the whole area and the countries contained within the area known as the Amazon; where the name 'Amazon' came from; favourite music, art and sports; information about the unique plants and animals; threats to the rainforest and how spreading cities and deforestation are affecting the area, and many, many more topics. We began by creating a glossary, containing unfamiliar words which they may come across over the course of their studies.

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