Storms, sticks and baking tricks

What a perfect week to collect sticks after the storms Dudley and Eunice! So many sticks to compare the sizes, lengths and to use our imaginations just like Stanley in our story of 'Stanley's Stick'. The children arranged themselves by height order too!


The sticks were used for painting and to make magic wands - we hope that you haven't all been turned into frogs at home! The children used the peelers to peel the bark from the sticks and later in the week they had a go at peeling carrots too, so we hope you have had some help with making dinner at home!

Further, we used the sticks to make marks in the salt and to make a huge campfire in the garden. Thursday was spent doing lots of cooking and baking to make chocolate sticks and cheesy sticks! There were lots of observations made whilst watching the chocolate melting and, of course, much tasting and licking of the chocolate and the sprinkles! The children were amazing at rolling the cheese into the pastry to make the delicious cheesy sticks. We hope you had a taste too!

The children were fantastic showing their work for the Pre-Prep assembly this week - they have been so busy making things each week for our stories, which the rest of Pre-Prep loved and showered the Nursery children with a huge round of applause!

We are looking forward to Book Week next week and we would love the children to bring in their favourite story for us to share together.


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