Grumpy frogs and bright butterflies

It's been a very colourful week in Nursery - just like all the colours in The Grumpy Frog.

The children did bubble painting by blowing through the straws into the paint, water and washing up liquid to make bubble mountains. They mixed marbles in paint and then made lots of patterns by tipping the tray to and fro to create colourful marks - also lots of giggling when the marbles rolled away across the floor leaving a paint trail.
The children loved making their frog puppets and they had fun using them to catch flies, and fingers too! Frog collages were made by looking at 2D shapes to put together to make happy and grumpy frogs! The children have also been learning about the life cycle of a frog by cutting out the pictures and sequencing them, learning new words like frogspawn, tadpole, and froglet.
Happy faces have been drawn in the children's Special Books by looking and thinking about what features we have on our faces - it is lovely to see the children enjoy finding their own Special Books each week. Some children painted with the large paint brushes and the rollers in the garden - if you need any decorating done we can thoroughly recommend The Nursery Decorating Services!
There was lots of mark-making with the brushes and scrapers as well as lots of scooping with spoons with the coloured rice - and of course some imaginative play as 'chefs' making delicious food for myself and Mrs Sayers.
We played colour games, with the children busily looking around Nursery to find different coloured objects for the correct coloured hoops. The children have also been busy sorting coloured objects and activities with coloured pegs for our Coffee Morning next week.
Finally, we said a fond goodbye to our butterflies on Thursday - they had all hatched and were ready to fly away to enjoy the warm weather and explore the grounds at Russell House. The children loved watching them fly away and we hope they come back to visit us soon!
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