The big garden birdwatch

Our topics this week in Robins were Big Garden Birdwatch and Chinese New Year. 

The children were super excited during carpet time on Monday morning as they got to unwrap the special delivery. Everyone took turns to remove some of the wrapping paper and then out flew Polly the Parrot. We also had an envelope from the RSPB as part of our topic which contained lots of fun activities.

The children have certainly embraced our topics and they started the week making a delicious sponge Chinese New Year cake. Each Robin took turns to mix the ingredients and then we carefully transferred the mixture to the silicone case. We used our imaginations by turning the Gingerbread mould upside down to resemble a dragon. Once the cake had cooled, icing and sprinkles were added, along with yummy jazzies for the eyes. The Robins were super impressed with the end result, so we took it along to Mrs Parker and Mr McCarthy. They were very chuffed with our baking and the children were able to explain what they had made. Well done, Robins.

Continuing with our topics, the children added yummy chocolate jazzies to their special red envelopes. The Robins were very excited to take home their Chinese New Year parcels. Each one contained; chopsticks, a lucky red envelope and a fortune cookie. Snack time was extra special as we had yummy rice and vegetables... there were so many, many clear plates!

Following on with our activities, lots of fun was had with the lentil sensory tray. It was great to see the children persevering with filling and emptying the red envelopes. There was also a noodle restaurant and the Robins carefully used their tweezers to transfer the noodles to the takeaway boxes.

On Tuesday, the Robins made rabbit-shaped sandwiches as it is the Year of the Rabbit. The children showed great perseverance when spreading their butter onto the bread. We had a discussion about doing the right thing and how we should not lick our knives as it is dangerous. The Robins were very excited to take them home.

So much fun was had during ballet with Mrs Harper and it was lovely to see the progression from when the children first started in Robins. There were lots of good toes and cheeky toes.