Filled with hearts and love

This week we have been making a start on our new topic of festivals and celebrations.

Unfortunately Valentine's Day falls whilst we are on our half-term break. However, that didn’t stop us from enjoying special activities.

On Tuesday, Mrs Nelson taught us all about how we can make special bird food! To make the bird seed cakes, we melted lard and added lots of seeds and fruit. We spoke about the process of melting and what would happen when the lard cools. Once the cakes had set, we had a walk around the school grounds to find suitable places to leave them for the birds. Taking inspiration from the Robins class, we placed a few cakes outside our classroom. We eagerly watched to see if it would attract any of our feathery friends.

In celebration of Pancake Day, which we are so excited for that we decided to celebrate early, we have been taking part in a range of pancake themed activities. To begin with, we all had to demonstrate our super cutting skills as we used scissors to cut out various different toppings for our pancakes. This started a class debate about what the best toppings are; lemon and sugar, strawberries and chocolate seem to be the favourites. We also used our critical thinking skills to order a bunch of pictures which depict the process of making a pancake. Transition children followed detailed instructions well and all our crafts looked good enough to eat.

Our classroom was filled with hearts and love on Wednesday as we began our Valentine's Day celebrations. We had a great circle-time discussion about what Valentine's Day is and how we can celebrate. Some of the ideas raised were; telling our families we love them, giving out cards and presents and giving our friends a hug! We made love heart sun catchers using different shades of pink tissue paper and we also decorated hearts using our special heart hole punchers.

Transition wowed us all with their brilliant baking skills. On Thursday, we made love heart biscuits to give as a gift to our families. Making the biscuits required many steps, however the children were able to measure, stir, kneed, roll, cut and decorate independently. We hope you enjoyed them.

On Friday, we had the pleasure of hosting our termly Pre-Prep Coffee Morning. The theme for this term is mathematics. In Transition, lots of opportunities are given for the children to build on their knowledge and apply their skills. We showed the parents one of our favourite activities. This involved us recognising numbers in a range of ways. We had lots of fun using the parachute and taking turns to pick a number! Once again it was lovely seeing all the children’s families and for you to have an insight of what we get up to in class. We hope you have a well rested half term.


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