Lots of love

Our topic this week in Robins was Valentine’s Day. There has certainly been a lot of love in the air this week and the children had lots of fun taking part in a variety of activities. 

The children were super excited to see the pink and red hearts in our sensory tray on Monday. It was great to see them scooping up the petals using our new measuring spoons. The Robins showed great coordination as they spooned the petals into the organza bags.

We carried on sharing the love by making special cards for our families. The children used a variety of resources to make them extra special. A fond favourite was the heart shaped serviettes.

On Tuesday, we made cinnamon buns and I must say, they were delicious! The Robins wanted to share their yummy baking, so we made a cake delivery to Mrs Tickner, Mrs Parker, Miss Norford and Mr McCarthy. They were all so thrilled with our lovely surprise and couldn’t wait to eat them.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed spending more time outside, making the most of the lovely sunny weather. The mud kitchen has been busy and there was lots of creativity, making yummy cakes and pies. There has also been lots of exploration and the children observed minibeasts in our minibeast house, using their magnifying glasses.

Following on with our topic, we made cheese spread sandwiches, but with a twist. I wonder if you can recognise the shape? The Robins did such a fantastic job of spreading the soft cheese onto the bread using their knives. There was a discussion about using our knives and how we should not lick them afterwards, however tempting it might be as they might cut our tongues. The children then enjoyed them as part of their snack. One little Robin had a little too much fun.

It was our turn to host the Pre-Prep assembly this week. The Robins did a fantastic job and we all took part in a garden bird quiz. I was extremely impressed with how the Pre-Prep children listened to the clues and answered the questions. Our Robins enjoyed revealing the answer by holding up the laminated pictures.

We hope you enjoyed the Pre-Prep Coffee Morning. All the children did such a fantastic job. Happy half-term everyone!


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