Excellent friends

This week the children are writing their own Friendship Soup recipes.

They helped make the Friendship Soup by putting in sparkles, pom-poms and many more items. The recipes are amazing and the children thought of some fabulous ideas. Form 2 are excellent friends to each other.

Form 2 worked extremely hard learning how to use the column addition method. They mastered the concept quickly. Well done, Form 2, on showing amazing perseverance. They continue to consolidate their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

During PHSE, the class discussed the meaning of money and all the different things that they had bought. We discussed the essential items and non-essential items that one must buy. It resulted in an excellent debate.

In art this week, they had a workshop using acrylic paint. They painted Chinese New Year designs using stencils. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the end results were so colourful.

In humanities, the children are learning about different countries around the world. We looked at the different continents, but we mainly focused on Europe this week. The children had many facts about countries that they had visited.

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