Kindness and pancakes

Our topics this week in Robins were Kindness Week and Pancake Day.

We started the week with a topic-related Kim’s Game. The children enjoyed discussing the objects on the tray which were all needed to make pancakes. Unfortunately, we were not able to eat them as they were made of plastic. However, on Tuesday, there was a special treat for the Robins… yummy pancakes with strawberry jam. There were so many empty plates and everything had been eaten.

Being kind to each other and having nice manners is part of our foundation to learning in Robins. This week we had a discussion during carpet time and we had a brainstorming session on how we could be kind to each other and living things. There were lots of fantastic ideas as to how we could achieve this. It was lovely to hear the children’s thoughts and a couple of Robins made connections to nature. With this in mind, we refilled our bird feeders in the front garden.

Continuing with our topics, we made yummy heart-shaped jam tarts. We spoke about the different shapes and each Robin carefully used the ingredients to make their tarts. We also made a delivery to Mrs Tickner, Mrs Parker and Mr McCarthy.