Life on a farm

This week we learnt many things about life on a farm.

On Friday last week, the children in Transition had managed to fill our good choices jar with marbles. We use this to encourage positive behaviour, the jar is a visual aid to support the children in making good choices. As a reward for this, we all enjoyed ice lollies in the outside classroom.

During our carpet-time discussions, we have been sharing all our knowledge about farms. This included; what we use farms for, how we can protect farms and the surrounding land and learning the names of baby animals. One of the children within the class had a great suggestion for the name of a baby goat, a goatlet.

The children came up with many ideas of what we could grow on a farm. We discussed the difference between fruit and vegetables too. In preparation for Science Week next week, we thought we would start an experiment. Using the seeds from the pumpkins we scooped previously, we planted the seeds into pots. Hopefully, we will begin to see some growth. To get our brains active, we combined two things we love (carrots and numbers) to make a special picture. The children were set the task of attaching the correct amount of leaves onto their carrots. We all demonstrated great counting and critical thinking skills as we did this.

Our potatoes are finally ready to be planted as they are now showing their shoots. Everyone helped to bury the potatoes in the soil. Mrs Nelson explained that once the shoots begin to come through the soil we need to add more on top! We will need to keep a careful eye on our potatoes.

The story of The Little Red Hen provided us with many learning opportunities. Firstly, the story provides a meaningful message that we all benefit when we help others. Secondly, it gave us inspiration on how we could make our own bread. We watched a super video all about how we grow wheat and all the steps needed to get it ready to harvest. Once it had been harvested we watched as it went to a flour mill ready to be turned into flour. We were all amazed by how many steps there are in providing food that we eat daily. To make our own bread, we had to mix our special bread flour with water and knead it into a dough. All the children in Transition are experts when it comes to kneading dough as we have lots of practice with our playdough.

Once the dough had proved, it was time to shape. We decided we would attempt to make pig bread rolls. This meant us separating the dough into different shapes and sizes. A great job by everyone, I hope you enjoyed eating your rolls!

On Wednesday we had the joy of snow in school! This was not the only thing we celebrated within our class. The 8th of March marks International Women's Day. We spoke in class about what this day signifies and how it impacts us today. One of the children brought in a fantastic book all about women in science. It sparked a conversation about what we would like to do when we grow up. We all drew a picture of what occupation we would like to do when we are older. We had many interesting and creative ideas.


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