The story machine

The Story Machine has stimulated some amazing imagination this week for storytelling and drawing some amazing pictures and drawings.

The children loved using the story machine (a typewriter to you and I). It was wonderful seeing the fascination and curiosity on their faces when they realised they could make printed letters and pictures just like Elliot in the story! There was great listening to the ting of the bell and lovely understanding of pushing the bar to return to the start of the paper. Some of the children were able to find the letters of their names and the button was switched several times to change the colour of the ink. 
There was some fabulous involvement when the children joined in with the Connections activity for Science Week and our story. They looked at the photos of areas around school and they were able to recognise places and how we were connected to them such as ballet, lunch, music and, of course, the people who we see around school too. They set to work using a range of mark-making tools to design an amazing tapestry of colour and places around Russell House. We even had the Naughty Bus alongside the Russell House bus and Gareth P Jones the author! I have tried to take some pictures, but they do not really do it justice.
The children also made fabulous attempts at writing their names and drawing pictures on the white boards, as well as making their own cards and pictures at the writing table.
For Science Week, the children have been investigating gloop by adding water and filling pots and jugs. The gloop was poured through the wheel and sieves and there was a lot of patience watching it drip through. The magnets were used to join metal objects together and sort out those items which were not attracted to the magnet with great discussions of what the things were made of. The children loved exploring the food colour with the sugar cubes and water watching the cubes suck up the different colours. We tried to make sugar cube towers, but they kept falling down when they dissolved in the water.
Of course there has been some wonderful imaginative play led by the children; another giant castle built with the bricks and blocks and lots of animal pets too. In the garden, the children have enjoyed using the rope for tying to the handles of the swing and threading the rope through the fence and making a pulley for the buckets of sand. On a walk to Amber's House, the children found several plants peeping out of the soil which of course were beanstalks so they were collected together and brought back to Nursery and put into book bags! 
Lastly the children were super excited to use their Russell Bucks to go and chose a special present for their mummies from the Mother's Day stall - so no peeping, mummies, and we wish all you lovely mummies a very happy and special day on Sunday.
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