Shamrocks and hearts

The children had so much shopping on Wednesday at the RHPA Mother's Day stall. Our topics this week in Robins were Science Week, St Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day

The children have had a super busy week. At the beginning of the week, they decorated biscuits using green icing and sprinkles as part of our St Patrick’s Day topic. We spoke about shamrocks and how each part looked like a heart. The Robins enjoyed making their own shamrocks using playdough.

We were all crazy scientists on Tuesday. It was great to see the excitement in the children’s faces when we took part in the Lava Lamp experiment. We spoke about all the different liquids and the children observed the changes. They loved watching the bubbles move around and change shape. There was so much language and it was great to see them making connections.

Carrying on with our science theme, we played Sink or Swim. First, we spoke about the objects and then we decided whether the object would sink or swim. The Robins thoroughly enjoyed Science Week and it promoted lots of new language. As a result, we will incorporate some more activities into our future planning.

This week, we continued with planting and growing by sowing tomato seeds and peas. Our cress heads grew lots of hair so we decided a little trim was in order. We used the cress to make cress and cheese sandwiches.

The children had sooooo much fun on Wednesday when they visited the RHPA Mother’s Day stall. It was great to see the children paying with their Russell Bucks money. They were all very well-behaved and they remembered their manners. Well done, Robins!

We enjoyed our cooking activity on Thursday and we made a giant shamrock out of bread. There was also lots of squeezing and patting and mark-making in the flour. We used the rolling pins to make the dough flat and then the children used heart cutters to make the shamrock. We then made a delivery to Mrs Tickner, Mrs Parker and Mr McCarthy.

The Robins enjoyed a yummy picnic after our walk around the school grounds. They sat very nicely and listened to all the sounds around them. We even spotted four buzzards flying above us!


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