Fantastic gymnastics

It's nearing the end of term, which means that the Form 6 Camp is getting closer!

During Form Time, the Form 6 children have been thinking about who they would like to share a room with and they have had the opportunity to ask many questions about what they are going to be doing and what's going to happen during their trip to Norfolk Lakes. It's fair to say that they are hugely excited for this year's camp next month.
On Wednesday, our wonderful RHPA ran their annual Easter Egg Hunt and this was certainly the highlight of the week for the Form 6 children. The children love a good competition and even more so when there's chocolate as the prize.
In French, the children have been working on their pronunciation, playing Snakes and Ladders and talking about their daily routine. It has been lovely hearing all the lovely conversations in French.
In gymnastics this term, the children have been working hard on developing new skills and putting together routines to perform in our own mini competition. This week, the final group of children performed their routines and what a term of gymnastics it has been. Many new skills have been learnt, including cartwheels, circle rolls and bridge kick-overs. The children should be immensely proud of themselves for all of their hard work. We're now looking ahead to starting Sports Acrobatics next term.
Congratulations to this week's badge winners: Isla, Oliver C, Clara and Anaya (Bronze Badges) and Mia, Isabella and Annabella (Silver Badges).
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