An EGGcellent week

Our topics this week in Robins were Oral Hygiene Day and On the Farm.

We started the week watching Form 4's play in the Russell Hall. The Robins sat beautifully and they liked watching all the sea animals. The children are currently interested in under the sea so they were able to identify some of the animals during the play. We regularly incorporate the children’s interests into our weekly planning activities. The children thoroughly enjoyed scrimbling to Disney’s Under the Sea song and as a special treat, they added sparkly stickers to their pictures.

During our Talk for Learning we spoke about visiting the dentist and how we should look after our teeth. The Robins have remembered some interesting facts. The children identified some of the pictures on our poster and we learnt some new words, such as probe and suction tube. Perhaps you could ask your child how many minutes they should brush their teeth.

Continuing with our topics, the Robins had so much fun exploring our farm sensory tray and table. Lots of fun was also had painting and mark-making with mud in the big tuff tray. The children liked painting the farmer and his tractor in mud. This week, our cooking activities consisted of healthy fruity kebabs, on-the-farm brownies and cheese/jam sandwiches. The Robins love our cooking activities and they are always so proud of what they have made. Hopefully, you have enjoyed a little taste, too.

The Robins enjoyed a special treat on Tuesday. The Robins watched my demonstration of making a sandwich and then they were provided with all their ingredients and tools to make their own delicious snack. There was a choice of either jam or cheese. Jam was the most popular and the children said their sandwiches were…deeeelicious! They all did such a fantastic job. Well done, Robins, on fantastic spreading and cutting.

There was a big mystery in our front garden. Something had eaten our beans which we planted last week. The children were very good at following the clues and they found some huge footprints. After our investigation, we can conclude it was the Easter Bunny! The Robins have forgiven the Easter Bunny as we believe he needed some yummy snacks, after hiding all our eggs. The Robins did a fantastic job finding all the eggs and ducks and at the end, they received an extra special egg... EGGCELLENT work, Robins. This is our last bulletin before we finish next week. Have a lovely Easter and we look forward to welcoming you back in the Summer Term. Fingers crossed for some warmer weather.


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