George's lost property

The children have come back to school rearing to go with added enthusiasm and happiness. Excellent news!

This week the children have been acting out Jack and the Beanstalk using sound effects. They have discussed in their groups the setting, different characters and they have sequenced the story. They enjoyed performing to the class and they were able to use their voices to be a very fierce giant, an angry Jack’s mother and Jack.

On Thursday something very strange happened in Form 2! A note and several items of clothing were left in the Form 2 classroom. The children searched around the room and they found a huge coat, a dirty shoe and  binoculars. Then by chance, F2 found a note from the Giant. It was very exciting. Form 2 had to think of a plan to help George return his lost items. We will let you all know if we are able to help George.

During maths, the children were using column addition using worded problems, adding and subtracting multiples of 10 and consolidating the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

During humanities, we were discussing different opinions and beliefs. We discussed the importance of having different opinions and this was related to religion. The children had to each decide on their favourite colour, sports, vegetables, subject at school and many more.

In science, the children were identifying different things that we push and pull around the school. They were discussing and identifying different ways that things have to work.

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