Collecting for composting

It has been a pleasure to welcome back all the children in Form 1 this week and I must say how smart they all look in their summer uniforms. The children have come back refreshed and excited to see one another and have got back into the routine of school with ease.

This week we have really enjoyed hearing all about each other's Easter breaks and all the lovely things everyone has been up to. In literacy, the children enjoyed writing about their holiday news and sharing their favourite moments. We have been revisiting our sounds in phonics and recapping everything learnt so far.

We have started our topic all about recycling and this week the children have been collecting natural materials to make their own compost. They all really enjoyed taking a walk around the school grounds and it was an extra treat to see the gorgeous little lambs playing in the field. The children collected grass, leaves, petals and even some sheep wool was discovered. Each day the children are adding the waste from their snack to the compost and we will be reusing some plastic water bottles to store the compost to make rot pots. We will add our compost to our growing area and be planting some seeds very soon.

The children have really enjoyed setting up and playing in the Charity Shop role-play as part of our topic. This supports their understanding of the importance of reusing unwanted items rather than throwing them away. They have loved making price tags, writing shopping lists and pretending to be customers and shopkeepers. Everyone is wonderful at keeping the shop tidy and they have shared everything beautifully. They are all very keen shoppers!

In maths, the children have been learning all about the days of the week, the months of the year and the four seasons. The children have thought about special things that happen throughout the year as well as other changes we notice such as the weather and how this affects the plants and animals around us.

We have been getting creative to recycle some materials to make our own houses this week. Children have been thinking about the different materials they might use to create their houses and have started by covering their cardboard boxes with paper ready to paint. They will be adding all the details over the coming weeks.


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