Lambs and baby caterpillars

We have all been very excited to be in Nursery this week and it is so lovely to welcome everyone back with big smiles. 

The children have been enjoying exploring the Nursery together with a firm favourite being dressing up and playing imaginative games in the home-corner, making delicious food and looking after the baby dolls. There have been favourite stories including Banana, Bedtime for Monsters and The Hairy Toe. We have also been busy making sticky icing cakes and doing handprints for our Nursery display.

In the garden, the children have been making chorizo and pepperoni pizza in the sandpit, which of course was absolutely delicious. There was lots of laughing and giggling on the see-saws, playing a game of all falling off which caused great hilarity every time! We also went on a walk to see the newborn lambs in the fields, where all the lambs were fast asleep with their mummies and daddies
In our music session with Miss Norford, the children were fantastic at thinking about which songs were going into the Pre-Prep music box as well as lots of amazing singing and actions too.
There was great excitement on Thursday when our baby caterpillars arrived and we are all very excited to see how fast they grow over the next few weeks. We are looking forward to one of our favourite stories The Very Hungry Caterpillar next week as well as making some exciting things for the Kings' Coronation. 
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