All things royal

This week we have been learning about all things royal in preparation for the King's Coronation.

The children found out all about King Charles and his life and the exciting things that will be happening to celebrate this coming weekend. We had fun imagining what we would do if we were king or queen for the day and the children came up with some really funny ideas, such as having ice- cream fights and having lots of pets and pizza parties!  The children wrote all about the things they would do if they were king or queen for the day and drew some great pictures of themselves to accompany their work.

Learning about recycling continued this week as we found out all about different materials and their properties. Through sorting various objects, they explored how each one felt and learnt lots of new vocabulary to describe each one. The children have continued to put their recycling into action by making rot pots this week. They have added all the natural materials collected last week to plastic bottles and are keen to watch the process the materials go through as it breaks down to create compost.

In maths, we have been learning all about doubles and built on the children's understanding of addition. Form 1 were fantastic at this and have learnt to say their double facts really quickly! Not only this, the children have been working on recording their mathematical thinking and making sure they form their numbers correctly when doing so.

Everyone has been very creative this week and had lots of fun making their very own kings by reusing old toilet roll tubes, recycling again! They all look really great and the children have enjoyed adding all the details to their creations. Lots of beautiful crowns have also been created this week in preparation for the Coronation Picnic, where we will all be wearing them to celebrate together.

When selecting activities for themselves the children have been spontaneously setting up a stage outside and dressing up as kings and queens to tell imaginative stories to one another.

Lots of children have been involved in this game and have role-played being the audience, collecting tickets or selling ice creams. They have also loved painting on a really large scale outside on our large plastic sheet canvas, exploring colour mixing as they played. Having fun in the water tray with the guttering has also been popular and the lovely weather this week has made it a pleasure to be outside as much as possible.

The children have had a fantastic week running up to the Coronation and next week promises to be just as exciting with our trip to Little Street! 


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