Elmer and other stories

Our topic this week in Robin's was Our Favourite Stories. 

We started the week, reading a very loved and colourful story. You’ve guessed it… Elmer. The Robins enjoyed adding paper and foam coloured squares to their giant Elmer pictures. It was great to see the children so engrossed in this activity and of course, sharing with their classmates.

Mr McCarthy visited us on Wednesday to read to us. Not one, or two but three stories. The Robins sat very nicely and Mr McCarthy was super impressed with the children’s good sitting and good listening skills. Well done, Robins!

For our cooking activities this week, we made a huge bundt cake with freshly picked rhubarb from my garden, which followed on from our story Rhubarb Has a Cold. Next, we made scrummy gluten-free rolls. We all got quite messy but it was great fun, especially as we made marks in the flour!

The children have certainly been super creative and they enjoyed wiggling and jiggling to Jive Bunny as part of our scrimbling fun. It was great to see the enjoyment on the children’s faces and they were overjoyed when I surprised them with special stickers.

Lots of fun was had, playing games on our CTOUCH. The Robins enjoyed taking turns to complete puzzles as part of our topic and they drew some characters from their favourite stories.

We took turns to plant our strawberry and tomato plants. The Robins are looking forward to watching them grow, so we need to make sure they have enough water. 

As part of next week’s topic we will be discussing the Coronation of King Charles lll, so it will be lovely for the children to share their own experiences.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend and we look forward to hearing all about your Coronation news next week. There might also be a royal afternoon tea treat in Robins.


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