Maths and science

This week, Form 6 partook in a maths competition and explored the Periodic Table.

On Tuesday, Form 6 took part in their Inter-House maths competition. This involved everyone logging onto Mathletics and completing four compulsory activities, followed by Mathletics Live, in which speed is the essence. Sharing and collaboration was encouraged in the first part and if there was a question that someone couldn't do, they were asked to find a friend from their house to help answer it to help gain the maximum points. Congratulations to Cavell, who are the 2023 Form 6 Inter-House Maths Champions!
In science, Form 6 has been looking at and describing some elements of the Periodic Table including: oxygen, carbon, sulphur, magnesium, iron, lead, aluminium, copper, zinc. The children have been looking at the Periodic Table and what the symbols and information for each element are and what they mean.
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