The colours of feelings

It has been a very colourful week in Nursery as the children explore lots of colours for the story of Grumpy Frog

In the story the Grumpy Frog relates different colours to his feelings, so the children have been thinking about what makes them feel happy, sad, and grumpy and their responses are on our Emotions Board display, complete with some fabulous quotes.
The children made their own Grumpy Frog puppets and they explored colours with the marbling inks, rolling marbles in paint and used pipettes in coloured water to make new colours. It was amazing to see the new colours and patterns.which were made using the different media.  
There was lots of fun playing the snail game which involved the coloured snails racing along to the end to see which one would win the race. Lots of great turn taking and counting the dots on the dice and the spaces on the board.
Out in the garden the water sprays have been used to clean the windows of the play house with coloured water and of course having a cheeky spray of each other too! 
Out on the paddock the children have been so confident and agile in climbing through the spider's web, climbing up and over the frame and balancing on the wibbly wobbly swings. 
In music with Miss Norford, the children had so much fun using the instruments to retell the story of We're Going on a Bear Hunt the children came up with their own ideas of which instrument to use for each of the ways the family travelled through the sploshy water, the sticky mud, the snow storm and, of course, meeting the bear. What a great little bunch of musicians!
For Environmental Awareness Week, the children have been busy planting some flowers in pots in the garden and are being very careful watering them to make them grow. They also reused empty water bottles to make their own shakers - we hope you enjoy the lovely sounds they make. 
On Monday, there was great excitement when we saw that three of our caterpillars had made cocoons. There is one little caterpillar who we think needs to munch some more food just like the Very Hungry Caterpillar to make himself bigger.
We are all looking forward to planting some magic beans next week to grow beanstalks, just like Jack does!
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