Preparation and practice

It has been lovely to welcome all the children back from their half-term break and everyone seems refreshed and ready for more learning! 

The children were very excited to be back together and spent time sharing their half-term news with one another. It was great to hear all about the various exciting things the children have been up to.  Everyone then set to work to write about their time away from school and drew pictures to accompany their sentences. They are all such confident writers now!

In maths, we have been learning about odd and even numbers. Children have been exploring this concept by counting in 2s and noticing if we say the number or not.  Using a 100 square, they noticed the number pattern and then used this to then sort odd and even numbers independently. Later in the week the children loved making odd and even monsters!  They had to ensure that odd monsters had an odd amount of eyes and teeth and only odd numbers on their arms and legs and vice versa for even monsters.

This week we have looked at the material wood and how this can be reused or recycled. Children learnt about the importance of sustainability and how it is responsible to replace the trees we use. We decided to upcycle a wooden shelf in our classroom that had previously been used outside and was looking a little bit tired. Everyone was excited to set to work sanding off the old paint off and we will be painting our shelf over the next few weeks.

The children have also been busy practising their races in preparation for Sports Day and have been supporting one another wonderfully. They have been working in teams to complete their races and are all very excited for the big day.

Mrs Varley has also been visiting Form 1 to get to know the children in readiness for September. They have been excited to share all the things they are learning with her and Mrs Varley was extremely impressed with all the things the children have been doing.



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