Ladybird detectives

This week the children have loved listening to the stories about the clever little Ladybird in the books about her antics including when she went on holiday.

The little ladybird is like a little detective finding out what is happening on the farm, at the seaside and on holiday by following the antics of Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len. The children have been very busy making their own ladybirds from clay which needed to be squished and squashed into a ladybird shape and then spots, legs, eyes and feelers added. After the clay had dried, they very carefully painted the ladybirds red and the spots black and lots of silver glitter added to make them sparkly just like the ladybird in the stories.
They then used a potato masher in red paint and printed ladybird shapes onto paper and added black legs and googly eyes to create more ladybirds. We are going to use the mashers again next week to pound the yams in our story of Anna Hibiscus, so it was good to have a practice. The children carefully looked at the ladybirds to draw some beautiful pictures in their special books, counting the legs and spots to add onto their drawings.
There were more lovely drawings of our holiday list of the things we would take on holiday - we are now all ready for our summer holidays.
There was lots of fun in the water tray using the boats and adding the ramps to watch the boats whizz down by pouring water behind each boat to see which ones went the fastest. I think we all agreed it was the speedboats which got to the bottom first! Such great turn-taking and discussions about each of the boats and how much water was needed to make the boats go faster.
We went on a scavenger hunt to find lots of different natural objects around the school which was great fun and lots of excitement and we ticked the objects off the sheet when we found them. We found some leaves which looked like a fern so another tick. The only thing we did not find was a butterfly, but we then saw a pretty blue one when we were playing in the Nursery garden. 
Finally, there has been lots of great listening to the instructions at our Sports Day practice with Transition and Form 1, with lots of superfast running! 
We have been reading stories and non-fiction books about farms this week with great excitement about our Nursery trip to Kent Life on Friday. We are looking forward to spending the day together and there will be lots of photos from the trip on next week's bulletin.
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