Shopping at the markets

This week Form 1 has had a wonderful week with some exciting highlights. They got to choose items at both the Father's Day stall and the French Market!

The weather has been particularly lovely and the children have enjoyed playing in the shade outside the classroom as often as possible. On Wednesday, everyone enjoyed visiting the RHPA Father's Day stall and choosing something special to gift on Sunday. Choosing their items, paying with Russell Bucks and then having their gifts wrapped always feels so exciting!

On Thursday everyone embraced French Day and came dressed in red, white and blue. Some children even added berets to their outfits and it was lots of fun learning all about France for the day. Children took part in various activities throughout the morning, including painting french flags and building the Eiffel Tower in the construction area. Form 1 visited the French Market and tried baguettes, croissants and pain au chocolat along with some tasty fruit juices. The delicious lunchtime picnic was another treat where everyone loved tucking into their baguettes and waffles on the paddock.

Later that day they enjoyed their French lesson with Madam Boff in the shady outside classroom. 

Children continued to enjoy our recycling topic and this week explored paper. We read the book The Great Paper Caper, which is about a bear who is desperate to win a paper aeroplane competition but as his aeroplanes keep going wrong he chops more and more trees down in the forest to make paper. The children pretended to be the bear and wrote sorry letters to the other animals in the forest for destroying so many trees. The bear puts things right in the end and plants new trees. The woodland animals put all his failed aeroplanes together and made a giant aeroplane. This inspired Form 1 to make their own aeroplanes which was lots of fun. We then had a competition to find out which one could fly the furthest!

In maths, we learnt about ordinal numbers and had fun deciding which position our classroom characters were in. The children then had some tricky work to do, reading sentences and colouring the ice cream scoops correctly according to the instructions. 

We also learnt about how to make our own paper this week! The children used scraps of paper from the recycling box and tore them into little pieces and soaked them in water overnight. The next day we used a blender to create a pulp and then spread this on a mesh frame. This was then left to dry in the sunshine. We are still waiting for our paper to completely dry before we can take a little piece home.

The children have just put the last coat on their upcycled shelf and it has been proudly placed in the outside space ready to house all the water resources. Another lovely week in Form 1.

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