Eating healthy

Our topics this week were Father’s Day and Healthy Eating Week. 

As you know, we started our 30 Days Wild topic last week and we will carry on investigating nature all through the month of June. There are so many benefits of being surrounded by nature and we will embrace many other activities and experiences. Please have a look at our monthly calendar to see the fun-packed activities for our nature-lovely Robins.

The Robins started the week making surprise cards and presents for their fabulous daddies. There was lots of creativity as the children used the resources to create a special and very unique card. We spoke about our daddies and also our grandads as they are also wonderful. The Robins took part in a carpet time session adding all their favourite things about their daddies and grandads. 

Mr McCarthy visited us on Tuesday for story time. He read The Runaway Pea and the Robins thoroughly enjoyed listening to all the Pea's adventures. We then listened to one of our favourite stories... We're Going on a Bear Hunt. The children joined in with some super actions.

Continuing with our topics, during our Talk for Learning activities, we spoke about healthy eating and the importance of having a varied diet, consisting of different food groups. The Robins were able to identify a variety of fruit and vegetables. As an extension activity, lots of fun was had, drawing some of these foods for our creative activities.

As part of our healthy eating topic, we made yummy banana and rhubarb cake. The Robins love cooking and it is wonderful to see the enjoyment on their faces when they take it home. It is always great to hear such wonderful feedback from parents, such as when our Robins share their culinary creations with their siblings. Well done Robins, good sharing!

It was French Day on Thursday and we had enjoyed our visit to the French Market. The children tried a pain au chocolat and croissants, which they all said were super yummy! It was lovely to have our picnic lunch on The Paddock with our Pre-Prep friends. We were surrounded by nature as we enjoyed our yummy treats.

Next week will certainly be very busy and the Robins are looking forward to our visit to Stonepitts Farm to pick super tasty strawberries. 


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