Imagine if...

It's been a week of problem-solving and fact-finding in Form 2.

The children had to solve a problem using odd and even numbers. The children realised that they had to look at the ones digit. I was astonished to witness that I could not trick Form 2.

During English the children have been practising their assembly about Kent Life ready to perform on Wednesday and Thursday. They are speaking very clearly and confidently.

The children have also been writing about Florence Nightingale and they wrote some amazing facts. The work was incredible. They enjoyed the role play activities pretending to be the soldiers in the Crimean War and being bandaged by Florence Nightingale. There were some very injured soldiers.

The children have also been looking at a poem called Imagine if… They had to think of some crazy ideas to continue the poem. Form 2 are very crazy and their imaginative ideas were very funny. It created a lot of laughter.

During humanities, Form 2 were learning about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. They designed and constructed their own bridge using a variety of materials. The challenge was that the bridge had to stand up on its own and support a car. They worked collaboratively within a group and the bridges were all very impressive. Well done Form 2.

Another fabulous, fantastic, fun week in Form 2.

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