World clean up

Our topic this week was World Clean Up

We started the week with a litterpick walk around the school grounds, with a focus of walking next to the boundaries. First, we spoke about the importance of keeping our environment clean and tidy, otherwise it could impact our wildlife. Next, we put on our blue gloves and set off to look for rubbish. On return to class, I emptied the litter/ rubbish into a tray so we could discuss our findings. The children thoroughly enjoyed collecting litter and they understand the importance of disposing it correctly. Plus, they all worked as a team. Well done, Robins.

Continuing with our topic, we watched A Whale’s Tale which was based on plastic waste, kindness and teamwork. The Whale rescued the small sea creatures that were stuck in rubbish/ plastic. This prompted a discussion about looking after our animals. This theme linked very well to our storytime with Mr McCarthy as he had received a special delivery from Postman Pat. Inside, was a special story, written by Rod Campbell. The children enjoyed lifting the flaps to meet the endangered animals and they liked listening to the interesting facts, such as how we can look after them and keep them safe.

The Robins enjoyed making Earth paintings with Mrs Beary using balloons. They carefully used balloons to print blue and green paint onto paper.

Our cooking activities consisted of rosemary and tomato focaccia bread and banana cake. The children picked the tomatoes from our vegetable box in the Long Garden and the rosemary was collected on a walk around the school grounds. The bread was very yummy and we made a delivery to Mrs Tickner, Mrs Parker and Mr McCarthy. On Wednesday, we made eggless banana cake. This recipe was a little different as we replaced the eggs with applesauce! I must say, the cake was delicious and hopefully you agree, too! 

Thank you for sending in all your lovely family photos. They have been added to our Marvellous Me and family Tree display board. It really is wonderful to see the happiness in the children’s faces when they see their photos. At this age, it’s important for children to have visual reminders around the class. 

The children listened very well to our instructions during our fire practice with Mr Phil. We practised walking to the playground and the front court. Mr Phil also popped in to redevelop our front flower bed as some of the herbs are looking a little sad. We are looking forward to using our new sensory herb garden in our weekly cooking activities. The children are going to help with taking cuttings so we can grow some inside on the window sill.

The Robins had lots of fun chasing bubbles across the field and on the way back from our walk we had a running race. One of the children heard a noise and told us it was the dustcart. We used our super speedy legs to walk near the car park so we could watch the rubbish being collected.

We finished the week with an energetic PE session in the Russell Hall.

We are looking forward to next week’s topic, People Who Help Us. There will be a special visit from Sevenoaks Fire Brigade on Tuesday.


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