The Gruffalo is missing!

Form 2 have been very busy preparing for their assembly to main school this week.

They performed very confidently telling the older children all about their Gruffalo hunt. They sang the Gruffalo song. Form 2 decided that they would write posters for the missing gruffalos, describing them.

In science, the children have been learning about their eyes and the function of the eye. They were very interested and keen to talk about how blind people cope with everyday life. The children used a blindfold, and gave instructions to their partner to walk across the other side of the room. It was very difficult and they all agreed that being blind must be extremely challenging.

During computing, the children had to pretend to be a BeBot by giving clear instructions. They moved around the room using forwards, backwards, right and left. 

In humanities, the children have been learning about the Wright brothers. They enjoyed completing the quiz after the lesson to see how much they could remember.

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