Story mapping

Another fantastic week of playing and learning together in Nursery! The children have been so busy involved in activities for our story and lots of amazing recalling of the story!

Story maps were made by exploring textures to create the events of the story. The children worked so hard to think of the sequence of the story without looking at the book. They also made their very own Bear Hunt books by looking at the pictures and sequencing them into the correct order as well as making binoculars to go on their very own bear hunt! As you can see from the display, they have worked so hard and produced some amazing work. 
There were some fabulous spreading skills to make delicious bear sandwiches using jam, sticky honey and soft cheese - the children loved nibbling on the spare crusts after their snacks! 
When the children drew bear pictures in their Special Books they all loved finding the picture of the bear and talking about the shiny nose, big furry ears and the googly eyes. There was lots of chatter about feeling scared of the bear and also thinking about how the bear was feeling at the end of the story with us all agreeing he wants us to be his friend.
The Bee Bots visited us from Form 2 and there was lots of laughter as the children programmed in movements for them by pressing the arrows and the green go button and also made caves for the bee Bots with wooden bricks.