Happy Families - with a twist

A game of Happy Families has been helping Form 6 learn about the history of trade.

In PSHE, Form 6 have been learning where our food comes from and the history of trade. During their lesson this week, they had fun playing a game of A Long Way From Home Happy Families

The children played in groups of four and everyone had six cards each. One player asked another for an item from a specific country and were either were given it, or they had to take a card from the middle. For example, tea from Indonesia or rice from the USA. They had to collect four cards of the same item, but from different countries, to make a family. To win they had to get the most families in their group.

The children learned that about 4000 years ago, people in Britain started living in a new way. Instead of spending all their time hunting and gathering, they began to set up farms. The early farmers chopped down trees so they could grow crops and vegetables. They kept cattle, sheep and pigs. People began to settle down in one place and build permanent homes. They found out that the farmer who grew corn would also need building materials and occasionally meat to feed his family. The pig farmer would need wheat for his bread and cloth for his clothes.

The children then looked at how people went about sourcing food and other items from different countries and what trade was like many years ago. They thoroughly enjoyed playing this version of Happy Families, although they did get a bit competitive!

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