Frog balances and Titanic tales

There's lots for Form 7 to feel proud of this week!

Form 7 performed well at their second public commitment of the year in Harvest Festival - the poetry and singing brought a tear to the eye.

Elsewhere, behind the scenes, the children have been practising their frog-balances and headstands in gymnastics and learning about the refraction of light in science. Humanities, ICT and English have come together in some outstanding newspaper articles the children are composing on computers about the disaster of the Titanic.

The children should also be very proud of their Pop Art display in the Old Hall, in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. The colour and movement they managed to capture is fascinating.

First steps have been taken towards a very exciting new development which has seen some Form 7 volunteers helping Mrs Carn with measurements and 3D plans. The photographs provide a sneak preview - any guesses of what the measurements are for? Watch this space!

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