The Amazon adventure begins

Form 7's Amazon project is off to a flying start.

Already, the children have researched the basic statistics of their chosen country, drawn maps - free-hand and using computers, looked into the Andes mountains and collaborated to write an atmospheric rainforest poem. Phew!

The pupils have enjoyed working collaboratively on Google's Jamboard, which is a bit like an online pinboard, to share their favourite descriptions of the rainforest. In addition to this, my annual challenge of finding a fact about the Amazon that I don't already know has been met - well done to Tristan for not only drawing my attention to the fact that there are words on the Brazilian flag, but also translating them: Order and Progress.

In Science this week Form 7 were asked to build simple parallel circuits and then, using a multimeter, measure the current at various points around the circuit. This required them to be able to interpret a circuit diagram, make the correct connections, select the correct setting on the multimeter and then analyse their results. Quite a lot of higher level thinking and all before lunch!  

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